This ambitious mobile was the result of a two-week collaboration with my cousin Colin Leon. Colin is a genius of form and a skilled metalworker, and constructed the supporting arcs while I built the stained glass octohedron lanterns and ran electrical wiring throughout the sculpture. Formulating the design collaboratively and constantly critiquing each others’ work was a challenge for two artists who are used to relying only on their own judgements and aesthetics. The result however truly shows both artists’ work.


More pleasing than the static shape of the mobile however, is the emergent behaviors it exhibits when perturbed by a light wind or by a push of the hand. The deliberate whip-like motion of the arcs through the air gives this sculpture a sense of personality with observers describing it as ‘playing with’ or ‘tickling’ them as they stood by it.


The sculpture was displayed outdoors and indoors at Marlboro College during the winter and spring of 2014 and participated in Colin’s gallery show “Ataraxy” in fall 2015.